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Скачать I Am A-WA - Lara Fabian


Исполнитель Lara Fabian

Альбом Le Secret Essential

Год 2013

Прослушиваний 2317

Текст песни

Enter the space in the dark,
Search for your own spark,
Enter this place
Of your whole undivided and one

Don't pray for love
And love yourself
Don't kill your pain
Make it your strength

Hear your wisdom
Calling within
Holding your every desire
Playing with your mourning heart

Feel all and nothing
Nothing is Life
Inside this vacuity
Your throne, your Kingdom will be ruthless
Your company will hurt

Most of your dreams will be shattered by a curse
Your crimes will deny how splendid you are
You will be human
I'm here no fear
I'm here no fear

I am A-WA
The light of your heart, of your soul
I am both of your memories
Your spirit is my own
I am all of your senses
The strangest part
I am your other half, your home

Find me inside, I'm not far,
I am your OTHER half... your home !

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Lara Fabian — I Am A-WA

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