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Скачать Dangerous Kind - The Rasmus

Исполнитель The Rasmus

Альбом Black Roses

Год 2008

Прослушиваний 3862

Текст песни

You got me in this situation
You got me backed against the wall
Caught in a web of your creation
I bet you set me up to fall

Once I thought about it
I figured out your wicked ways
There’s no doubt about it
You’d sell your soul to seal the case

You’re the dangerous kind
Now look at what you’ve done to me
What you’ve done to me baby
You’ve gotta criminal mind
Your motive is to plant a seed
Now I’d kill for you baby

You gotta shady reputation
From bed to bed to man to man
Once you deliver your temptation
No one can stop your master plan
Don’t try to lie about it
I don’t believe a thing you say
The more you try to hide it
The more the lies show on your face


I’ve been sleeping with the enemy
Now I’m doing the time
Paying up for the crime
Guess you took everything you could from me


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The Rasmus — Dangerous Kind

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