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Скачать Gangsta Sexy - Hollywood Undead

Исполнитель Hollywood Undead

Прослушиваний 4790

Текст песни

Got the diamond earrings

Gonna turn you on
So gangsta
Cuz I want sexy
And I'm packin' heat so don't disrespect me

[Charlie Scene]
I love it when the DJ throws my song on
I hit the dance floor and get my sing along on
I love to spit the choruses when I'm on one
My c-walks too hot I done ripped my Sean Jean
Smellin' so fly I got the Hugo Boss on
You got the kinda booty I'd like to put my paws on
We can roll in the Fiesta just to get our floss on
I got the speakers bumpin' straight bangin' the Thong Song
Got my hair did got my shit braided up
Rollin with Funny Man and he's breakin' a blunt
Snatch it outta his hand and now I'm blazin' it up
Took another sip of Henny now I'm faded as fuck
[Funny Man]
Yo Charlie Scene tell me where you got them shades at
[Charlie Scene]
You know I've had this OG style since way back
Sittin' in VIP blowin' trees I'm layed back
This bitch is gonna be another notch in my wave cap

Got my diamond earrings
Gonna turn you on
So gangsta
Cuz I want sexy
And I'm gonna beat it up if you let me
Diamonds all up on me
Gonna turn you on
So gangsta
Cuz I want sexy
And I'm packin heat so don't disrespect me

I'm just so damn flossy
And I know what you like
There ain't no gangsta like me
Imma give it to ya every time

[Charlie Scene]
Hold up and let me lace up the ten's
I'm only 26 but so is the rims
I wanna hit the dance floor and thrust my pelvis
I look so good a million bucks is jealous
So I parked the Huffy kicked down the kick stand
Payed the 20 dollar cover and I got me a wrist band
Got bitches to my neck like I'm standin' in quick sand
You talk to me twice then you talk to my pimp hand
Got the Lakers jersey got the platinum chain
Two Blue-tooths and a pinky ring
Gettin' drunk as fuck from that tangerine
Beer googles on I'm talkin' to a grenade
[Funny Man]
Yo, Charlie Scene tell me how you got so flossy
[Charlie Scene]
It isn't my fault that all the ladies want me
I just roll with the posse thats cool like Fonzy
And known to be flashier than paparazzi


[Funny Man]
At Eaz....
Let Funny Man bang on these keys
I'm about to get it crackin' and freaky dicky
All the ladies in the world just dyin' to meet me
Cuz nothin' about me is ever cheesy
I'll get you in the bed and make it squeaky squeaky
Lookin' so damn fly as I hit the club
Low ride west side yes we throwin' it up
Make my way to the dance floor to burn it up
Now go ahead and hit the chorus and turn it up


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Hollywood Undead — Gangsta Sexy

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