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Скачать I'm in the market for you - Louis Armstrong

Исполнитель Louis Armstrong

Альбом Indian Cradle Sweet Savannah Sunset Cafe Stomp Coal Cart Blues April in Paris

Год 1929

Прослушиваний 10670

Текст песни

I\'ll have to see my broker,
Find out what he can do,
\'Cause I\'m in the market for you.
There won\'t be any joker,

With margin I\'m all through,
\'Cause I want you outright, it\'s true.
You\'re going up, up, up in my estimation,
I want a thousand shares of your caresses, too.
We\'ll count the hugs and kisses,
When dividends are due,
\'Cause I\'m in the market for you!

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Louis Armstrong — I'm in the market for you

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