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Скачать So little time (so much to do) - Louis Armstrong

Исполнитель Louis Armstrong

Альбом Armstrong All Night Long Poor Old Joe The Sentimental Side

Год 1937

Прослушиваний 9564

Текст песни

Recorded May 13, 1938, in New York City
Track Time 2:45
Written by Peter DeRose and William Hill
Louis Armstrong, trumpet, vocal; Shelton Hemphill, trumpet; J.C. Higginbotham, trombone; Rupert Cole, Charlie Holmes, alto saxophone; Bingie Madison, tenor saxophone; Luis Russell, piano; Lee Blair, guitar; Pops Foster, bass; Paul Barbarin

* * *
There's so little time and so much to do
There's so little time for dreams to come true
Many a ship to sail, many a magic land
Many a moonlit trail, many a road to walk hand in hand

There's songs of love we never have sung
Let's not waste one hour, the night is still young
Mama, a lifetime's not enough for the love I have for you
There's so little time, so much to do

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Louis Armstrong — So little time (so much to do)

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