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Скачать True To The Game - Ice Cubee

Исполнитель Ice Cubee

Альбом Death Certificate*

Год 1991

Прослушиваний 7333

Текст песни

It's the nigga ya love to hate with a new song
So what really goes on

Nothing but a come-up, but ain't that a bitch
They hate to see a young nigga rich
But i refuse to switch even though
Cause i can't move to the snow
Cause soon as y'all get some dough
Ya wanna put a white bitch on your elbow
Moving out your neighborhood
But i walk through the ghetto and the flavor's good
Little kids jumping on me
But you, you wanna be white and corny
Living way out
"nigger go home" spray-painted on your house
Trying to be white or a jew
But ask yourself, who are they to be equal to?
Get the hell out
Stop being an uncle tom, you little sell-out
House nigga scum
Give something back to the place where you made it from
Before you end up broke
Fuck around and get your ghetto pass revoked
I ain't saying no names, you know who you are
You little punk, be true to the game


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Ice Cubee — True To The Game

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