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Скачать Heaven Will Know - Modern Talking

Исполнитель Modern Talking

Альбом Let's Talk About Love

Год 1985

Прослушиваний 7505

Текст песни

When I'm down, feeling blue
I close my eyes, oh just to be with you
I'm a dreamer and you know
You're my woman and I'll never go

God put an angel here on earth
Who gave me more than all I'm worth
You're my angel in the night
In the darkness you're the light

Heaven will know, oh heaven will know
My love will grow baby
Heaven will knowThat I need you so
I can't say : goodbye lady

Heaven will know
That I'll never let go
And I'm stay untill my heart stand still
No matter what baby
Feel what you want
Heaven sent me an angel
Heaven sent me a star

Don't let me down
Take my hand
Now and forever be my friend
Take my love and heart tonight
You're a woman till the morning light
I cry the tears I've never shown
An empty house I call my home
You're my angel in the night
In the darkness you're the light

And it's more than a passing face
And it's more than a few nice days
And it's more than I'll ever know
And I never be alone

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Modern Talking — Heaven Will Know

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