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Скачать From Coast To Coast - Modern Talking

Исполнитель Modern Talking

Альбом America

Год 2001

Прослушиваний 9596

Текст песни

Oh lady, I'm close to lose you
You're burning up my life, more and more
Oh lady, I can't forget you
I know I can't survive, like before

Oh lady, I'll always miss you
Oh I will swear to you that I love you

From coast to coast (From coast to coast)
From east to west (From east to west)
I know for sure (I know for sure)
You are the best (You are the best)

Why does it feels so good with you
Don't leave me here, what can I do?
My world is in your hands, you'll see
I love you till eternity

From coast to coast, from me to you

Oh lady, if this is heaven
I'm not afraid of hell, I'm telling you
Oh lady, my heart is lonely
I know the time will tell, I tell the truth
Oh lady, I'll always miss you
Oh I will swear to you, that I love you

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Modern Talking — From Coast To Coast

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