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Скачать Bodyguard (ft. Dr Dre, Obie Trice) - Eminem

Исполнитель Eminem

Год 2008

Прослушиваний 10718

Текст песни

(Dr. Dre)
Yeah, yo lets bring it

[Chorus x2](Eminem)

what you gonna do when shit hits the fan
are you gonna stand and fight like a man
show us you as hard as you say you are
or you gonna run and go get your body guard

(Dr. Dre)
niggas is so gangsta, niggas is thugs
niggas'll spend their whole life pedlin drugs
slangin dope and hopes of one day
bein able to own they own label
and give the game up
some niggas came up
and some just didnt
its just the way it is
if it aint minute just ?
some niggas'll get money
and pay niggas to back em
so they can act up
feel comfortable an rap tough
and thats ass backwards
them niggas'll keep comin back
and thats when extortion happens
struggle to get free
i know how this shit be
you give anything that look legitimately
but you gonna find if you do get in this industry
that its best to do bussiness with me then against me
niggas get behind mics and aint even emcees
niggas get on mtv just to diss me
this shit dont even piss me off
i'm laughing all the way to the bank
watching you saddle life in my bentley
you niggas aint even got a car
youre so far under my radar
i dont even know who the fuck you are
i tell you to suck my dick while im pissing
i dont even listen to ya shit
to know who the fuck im dissing
and media just feeds into these feuds
trying to add fuel to the fire
this little nigga Ja Rule
talking about hes gonna slap me
nigga please you gotta jump
and swing up to hit me in the knees
i laugh at these magazines when they interview em
all they doing is making fake threats to us through em
ya pussy ya not Pac i knew em
Pac was a real nigga, you just a fuking insult to him
its too bad, we had a fall out before he passed
because if he could he see this shit now
he'd be whoopin your ass
youre talkin to a pioneer who engineered this shit
for nineteen years who ya got in ya ear Ssssss (Suge)
i aint even gotta say it, the fans know
quit trying to be tough nigga,
you look like a asshole

[Chorus x2]

(Obie Trice)
They say why dont we increase the peace
the only piece to crease
is that which deletes ya peeps
cuz niggas run mouths but they dont want streets
till that 4-5 decease ya speech
ya its a shame how the beef'll creep
coulda reached ya peak
now ya left with a horrible leap
i'm trying to be as bleep
with my speech as possible
just incase a nigga try to throw me an obstacle
nigga im not boxing you
i'm hospitable
i put you in a hospital thats how i get at you
let the doc op on you he dont rid you
you back on them streets
i send another hit at you
this is not a hypocritical issue
i will critical condition ya tissue
give a fuck if you bring all ten of them with you
i throw an extra ten of them missiles
turn gangstas into gentleman fickle
and ever since Eminem dissed you
i swear i see the woman and bitch in you
all this bickering back and forth over who signs who
curtis pull ya skirt up nigga ya got murdered
now take it like a man and shake it off DAMN
and quit tellin all these magazines ya plans
how you gonna slap up my man, ya fictious
nigga we'll send stan to come murder ya bitches

[Chorus x2]

(Obie Trice)
Hahaha..Yeah, go hide behind
all the gangstas you want nigga
matter of fact go get every
gangster from every hood
in the United States of America
to back you nigga,
aint nobody riding with you
you cant see that
you fell off nigga
Shady / Aftermath motherfucka
2003 to infinite YEAH !

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Eminem — Bodyguard (ft. Dr Dre, Obie Trice)

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