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Скачать Lick And A Promise - Aerosmith

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Исполнитель Aerosmith

Альбом Rocks

Год 1976

Прослушиваний 4237

Текст песни

Johnny come late on a Saturday night
Singin' how de do
Backstreet boogie in the house of delight
Where they steal the show

The money come sour but the ladies are sweet
Ad it's a love affair
Whole place rockin', people stompin' their feet
When the gang's all there

He gets his lovin' every night for free
He's out there rockin' like you wouldn't believe
Singin' na, na, na...

Johnny like to gamble with his lady Louise
She was a black jack deuces are wild
He got to thinking 'bout his nose in the breeze
And Johnny looked and he smiled
He started thinking 'bout the fortune and fame
And the young girls down at his knees
He dug the money but forgot all the names
So he knew just how to appease

Lick And A Promise
Lick And A Promise

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Aerosmith — Lick And A Promise

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