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Скачать Lovin' You Forever - Tower Of Power

Исполнитель Tower Of Power

Альбом Souled Out

Год 1995

Прослушиваний 11898

Текст песни

oooh baby...oooohh yea..ooooh baby
nothing ever gonna change the way i feel.no one ever gonna turn my head again now baby.ever since the day i laid my eyes on you.i knew in my heart this time that love was real.you were the one for me,that finally set me free.im going to give you my world..i can give you everything..
and im loving you next to me
im loving you endlessly

loving you is easy.
cause im loving you forever
loving you hopelessly
loving your kisses sweet
loving,loving me,cause im loving you forever
sunset slow on a painted sky,holding you in my arms as we watch the world go by,its funny how life just flows when im with you,make love with me baby,under a silver moon
we'll be as one you'll see our souls were both for free and my heart is yours...i will give you everything.
and im loving you next to me,loving you endlessly,loving you is easy,cause im loving you forever,loving you hopelessly,loving your kisses sweet,loving you,loving me,cause im loving you forever,
here i am im the happiest man alive its all because of you. and ill always be there be there by your side..loving you..loving you forever!

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Tower Of Power — Lovin' You Forever

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