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Скачать No More Lonely Nights - Wishbone Ash

Исполнитель Wishbone Ash

Год 1982

Прослушиваний 4189

Текст песни

She was a lonely girl without a dream,
Then one day a flash of light, down by that stream,
Far away, on a silver screen, she saw an image of herself
She'd never seen.

No more lonely nights, no more lonely tears. (Repeat)
She was a-wiping the tears away, saying farewell.
She made up her mind to leave, find that dream.
Well, I know you're happy, wherever you are.
Each day brings me closer to you, however far.
No more lonely nights, no more lonely tears. (Repeat)
No more lonely nights, she crying no more tears.

She's out there. Her eyes can see
Into the future and her destiny.
Never look back, no, no, no, no, to the shades of the past.

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Wishbone Ash — No More Lonely Nights

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