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Скачать Sounds like a melody - Alphaville

Исполнитель Alphaville

Альбом Forever Young Stark Naked And Absolutely Live Dreamscapes, Vol. 1 Dreamscapes, Vol. 4 First Harvest 1984-1992

Год 1984

Прослушиваний 15540

Текст песни

It's a trick of my mind
To faces bathing in the screenlight
She's so soft and warm in my arms
I tune it into the scene

My hand are resting on her shoulders
When we're dancing away for a while
Oh, we're moving, we're falling, we step into the fire
By the hour of the wolf in a midnight dream
There's no reason to hurry, just start that brand new story
Set it alight, we're head over heels in love
Head over heels

The ringing of your laughter it sounds like a melody
To once forbidden places we'll go for a while

It's the definite show
Our shadows resting in the moonlight
It's so clear and bright in your eyes
It's the touch of your sighs
My lips are resting on your shoulder
When we're moving so soft and slow
We need the extasy, the jelousy, the comedy of love
Like the cary grants and kellys once before
Give me more tragedy, more harmony and phantasy, my ***d e a r***
And set it alight, just starting that satellite
Set it alight

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Alphaville — Sounds like a melody

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