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Скачать D Is for Drums - They Might Be Giants

Исполнитель They Might Be Giants

Альбом Here Come the ABCs

Год 2005

Прослушиваний 8362

Текст песни

Hey John.
Oh hey John.
What's going on?
Man, I'm confused.

You're confused, why?
I- I'm no good at remembering stuff.
Like what?

I can't remember what D is for!
You can't remember what D is for?!

I think it's for an instrument you play in a band.
I'm surprised you can't remember what D is for.

I can't remember there's too much noise.
Put your thinking cap on, I'll give you a hint.

See I can't find my thinking cap, I think it's lost!
John, come on tell me, D is for what?

D is for something that you play with sticks.
That's right, that's right, you're getting close.

D is for Drums, yes D is for Drums!
D is for Drums, yes D is for Drums!

Well, I'm glad we got that straight.
Hey John, I need-
I need some juice.
I've got some juice.
Well, let's go to your house.
Okay. I'll meet you over there.
D is for Drums, D is for Drums!

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They Might Be Giants — D Is for Drums

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