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Скачать Rest Awhile - They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants

Исполнитель They Might Be Giants

Альбом They Got Lost Working Undercover for the Man

Год 2002

Прослушиваний 10280

Текст песни

Verse 1:
I got rid of my jackets and coats
I threw out all of my pants
I got sick of my stinkin' clothes

I had to get rid of them

I'm knot yet considering replacing them
I'm only glad to be rid of them

Rest awhile
Rest awhile

Verse 2:
I lay out in the sun too long
And burned off all of my skin
I felt so dizzy I got into the car
And got into an accident

Out of the burning wreckage I fell
Wanting only to lay where I fell

Rest awhile
Rest awhile
Rest awhile!

Verse 3:
I became friendly with Ruy Lopez
The author of works on chess
Ruy said you're incorrect
He cut me off and acted mad

He won't even talk to me now
But I don't care 'cause I'm sick of that guy

And I need to rest a while
Rest a while

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They Might Be Giants — Rest Awhile

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