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Скачать Let's go - Rin'go

Исполнитель Rin'go

Год 2009

Прослушиваний 21666

Текст песни

1. Dark skin, six feet, coming up my way
You are so fierce, baby can’t you stay
I have a test show me all your best
Don’t use that excuse; I’m not here to rest

Ooh, you got me all caught up with you right on the floor
Ooh, with every move you make I am craving more
And I can’t get enough of the beat
Only here do I feel so complete
Cause I came here to dance and to give all my best
Get ready baby, GO!

Move it, shake it, I can take it
Let’s go, let’s go
Freaking like your life’s at stake here
Let’s go, let’s go
You and me out on the FLOOR
Crowd is with us wanting MORE
Moving, shaking, culture breaking
Let’s go, let’s go

2. Your look tells me that this is just the start
I’m all for it, baby, don’t you stop
I’d like to see you freaking out tonight
This track- hottest track makes me feel alright!

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Rin'go — Let's go

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