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Исполнитель Алсу

Альбом Alsou

Год 2009

Прослушиваний 12447

Текст песни

I'm sitting alone here in my room
Staring at your picture from midnight till noon
Counting the hours, conting the days
You know that i miss you in a million ways

Now I wait in the cold
and this is getting old
No more stories, no more lies
Take me off this ride
When you see me in the hall
I look at the wall
By my actions you should know
I'm going solo

My friends tried to tell me, I didn't want to listen
Cos I'm the kind of person gotta find out on my own
I gave you my heart, you tore it apart
Now I'm coming back strong,I knew it was wrong


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Алсу — Solo

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