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Текст песни Get Her Tho (ft. D-Lo)

\"Get Her Tho\"
(feat. D-Lo)

[Hook x2: D-Lo]
Ayye Ayye, she used to fuck with my nigga, though
I don\'t care nigga, shit, I\'mma get her tho
And when I get that ho, I\'mma hit that ho
And when I hit that ho, I\'mma forget that ho

After I hit her, I\'mma quit her, on to the next
Gold rapper, latex, I practice safe sex
I\'m Barry Bonds I hit the pussy on the first pitch
Boy, I murdered her, yeah I\'m a murderer
Ayye, she used to fuck with my nigga
But he didn\'t want her, though, cause she didn\'t want ho
Rhinestones that\'s that fake shit
Man I\'m realer then a bitch without a face lift
Dope dick, dope dick, that\'s what she yelling out
Dope dick, dope dick, that\'s what I\'m giving out
Yeah your boy play bitches, like a PlayStation
And I\'mma hit the first night girl I ain\'t patient

[Hook x2]


Drop 350
I wake up, get up to fuck my bitch silly
I pop up and pop Royce and she pops one with me
The pussy so fire, I\'mma need a chimney
Bought a bitch a Bentley; I\'m playing
Tell a ho to follow my command (bitch)
Deep in that pussy, quicksand (bitch)
Better recognize I\'m the man
Fuck her right I ain\'t playing, got these hoes on my hands
And they fucking at my shows, we just throw them in the van
Probably fuck and make a grand, I\'mma throw another band
Ten, ten damn hoes at the same time
Fucking king gold chains

[Hook x2]

[Outro: D-Lo]
European photo, true religions and Polo
I\'m leaning, off an 8 ounce of that syrup, that\'s the ocho
Look, I\'m probably with your ho bro; getting dough, though
Replacing, never chasing, I don\'t care about no ho