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Текст песни When he kissed me

\"When He Kissed Me\"

Time stood still the other day
Just stopped, close in rain
Then he kissed me
The day shared the sky with the night
Both Sunshine and Moonlight
Cause he kissed me
And the waters all sit still in the ocean
And the birds that fly above just froze in the air
Just froze in the air

When he kissed me [x2]
I closed my eyes and died a little
Opened them and cried a little
When he kissed me [x2]
It was everything I thought that it would be
When he kissed me

She said through the tears that she cried
That she knew how I felt inside
When he kissed me
And I saw pain behind her eyes
Just couldn\'t figure why
It was a mystery
She said that the waters just sit still in the ocean
And all the birds just froze
Is that how it goes?
(So I asked her)
How do you know?
She said...

[Chorus x2]