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Текст песни This Means War!!! (ft. Ozzy Osbourne)

[Featuring Ozzy Osbourne]

Let`s make sure those drums are smackin`

(Heavy Breathing)

This means war!!!!!!

(Verse 1)

I work Hard to take care of everyone of my niggaz

Feel the love and appreciation from all of my niggaz

When I think meditate and contemplate for my swole

Watch the troops manifest once the story unfolds

Disloyal mothafuckas I`ma banish you all

And celebrate all in your absence once I get rid of y`all

Sometimes i can`t describe the wicked shit I feel in my heart

Break my silence and sparaticaly tear you apart

Strike with a serious vengeance

And before you die put you through the worst

And make you take a look in my eye

So you can witness the extreme damage caused by betrayal

Make you sorry for the fact that you attempted and failed

Make you eternally suffer you was on of my mens

Turn your back on me I`ma make sure you get it back times 10

Stay true!

Now thats the one thing I religiously pledge

If you ain`t with me I`m throw you way over the edge

This means war!


Take a Look inside

You can`t run and you can`t hide

If you cross my path

I`ll make sure you feel my wrath

Give and you recieve

Charish every breath you breath

scritpures on the wall

those who betray all must fall

(Verse 2)

As I charish every blessing and I greet you with hugs

You my people when I see you I embrace you with love

Yeah I be the one to come and get you outta the hole

Yeah you be the one to run and leave me out in the cold

So amazing how many times you part and you scheme

But what you don`t realize you`ll never conquer my dream

Your devilous karma can`t penetrate the steel of my armor

Time pass by and pressure got you living with drama

Paranoid at my retaliation living in fear

Disloyalty will have me kill my brother shedding a tear

Such a shame how you could easily you can get trapped in a zone

And have to go to war with fake niggaz standing alone

Until I get with all my loyal niggaz going to lint

Don`t matter how hard you try you`ll never weaken my strength

Now I`m with all my loyal niggaz breaking the bread

And if you dis the code of honor we taking yo` head

This Means War!



Nobody helps him

Nobody has to be there

Yeah Yeah! What cha ya gonna do! (x2)

Make you think you can run or you can hide

Where you think you can run or you can hide? (x3)

(Verse 3)

Be the best to show love, let`s go operate

Disloyality is something that we won`t tolerate

Still with these niggaz let`s put them where they properly go

On an island far away in a place where nobody knows

No room for any bullshit for so many years

Watching the danger and niggaz double crossing their peers

Yes I always fight for what is right and put my foot down

Disrespect my love and I`m gonna be laying ya down

This means war!

(Chorus to fade)

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