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Текст песни Instantly

I`m gonna write down
what I can`t say
I`ve gotta get these thoughts right out
some way
I know it`s only been
a few short days,
I`m coming from my heart
I only need today

Girl, I"m try, I`m trying
When I close my eyes
I can`t stop smiling
And now I know why

Only onсe in а life
do you Get a chance like this
I knew right from the start
I knew From the first kiss
I was chasing love
With no luck
Moving aimlessly
I don’t need a long time `
cause with you I fell in love

Every day I smile
when I first rise
I hear your voice,
I see your eyes
I`m laying down
and feeling high
It started right away
and it`s here for life


It didn't take long
but I know it`s true
I wanna spend my life
learning all of you