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Текст песни The Sounds Of Science

Yeah, ah yeah, aw yeah
This one`s dedicated to all the ladies in the front, the back
All my older ladies out there, lookin nice, you know who you are

I need you, boomin granny, I said
I want you, boomin granny

Boomin granny, boomin fanny
Boomin granny, good and plenty

[Mike D]
Well it might sound odd it might sound corny
But here`s some sex rhymes for those that are horny
For your boomin granny with the boomin sisters
Said I love ya won`t leave ya, till ya gotta listen
I`m talkin about the way that I`m feeling
Here`s a lovely lady and so appealing
A sassy, sophisticated, sexy lady
Well I`m twenty six, and you`re eighty
The clock is ticking so you better not front
We can go to my place and we can smoke a blunt
Well you`re a Golden Girl, just like P.R.
Just turn down the lights so we can go far


Because I saw you at the checkout line
You dropped your coupons and you were lookin fine
Sophisticated, and so mature
I couldn`t really care if you`re fifty, or seventy four
Because I wantcha, and I need ya
Hey boomin granny you could be my teacher
And I could be ya pet, bet
Listen old lady I could make ya sweat
I know I`m younger, and your much older
You look so nice on my Chevy Nova
I`ma take you to the low rider show, and flauntcha
I gotta tell ya lady I said I wantcha, boomin granny
Because I need you, boomin granny