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Текст песни The Vibes

I kick out thejams and tell you who I am
I`ll make you shake your ass like Les MaCan yea
And then you`re out talking shit like Yosemite Sam
You`ve got the elephant feet like Les McCan
Up the crack of dawn I`m on my way
We`re talking two foot dump and there`ll be no delay
`Cause I`m gone, the shit`s getting out of hand
I`m changing my middle name to first Trem
Because I`m walking on the rhythm like Philippe Petite
I`ve got holes in my mouth where my teeth should be
You ask whatever happenened to the rappin` duke
I heard the Captain`s gonna sign him to Jive and that`s the truth
Taking care of my functions still smokin, up the shrubery
I stopped eating chicken `cause the shit was too rubbery
My produce, organic, it`s from my own yard
Only the freshest herbs and growing`s not too hard

Vibes, vibrations
Vibes, vibrations

Dreaming on it, screaming on it, ready to get dumb
Waxing up my long joint, ready to get some
Looking at my board and my old boots
Seeing a waist deep champagne moment of truth
And on the court I`ve got game like my brother Matt
I give a shout out so where you at
But don`t get souped Mathew `cause I`m a take ya
Horatio Park right now and I`m a shake ya
Give me the fresh count you know that I`m stressed out
I need some inspiration so get the best out
Like Rock Master Scott, I`m on the request line
Writing the fresh rhyme, having the best time
Good vibes flowing all around
Not a worry in mind as the friends around
A shout out to Linda riding pow forever
Well the "Bird is the word and you`re as light as a feather"

Vibes, vibrations
Vibes, vibrations

And Then I smoke a bag of rat weed `cause I don`t care
And I`m waxing old ladies out their underwears
I like the boomin` grannies in big old panties
I`m "giving, it to grandma making her crazy"
Well I might be a white boy but I`m no goofy
Got beats like Bobalou on "I Love Lucy"
I`m not like the Skipper on "Fantasy Island"
I`m more like Captain Shtupping when I go "back whylin`"
The Cire Traverse out to the Death shoot
Or S.T.H. when they let me back at the Deuce
`Cause I "can`t get enough" of that funky stuff
When the going gets rough ain`t going out in the sluff
Down with Bubble Gum and Ninth Creation
You Get on down we`ve got the sound sensation
Kid Fresh is back from the 80`s
And we`re doing it for the ladies

Vibes, vibrations
Vibes, vibrations

We got Vibes, vibrations
We got Vibes, vibrations
Vi... vi..