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Текст песни Fever

I got a rip in mypants and a hole in my brand new shoes
I got a Margarita nose and a breath full of Mad Dog Booze

I got the fever, fever, fever, fever

Yeah, they threw me outa jail I tell ya it ain`t fair
I tried to kiss the judge from the electrica` chair
Yeah we`re all here cause we`re not all there tonight....

The guitar`s cranked and the bass man`s blown a fuse
And when the whole gang bangs tell me then what`s you`re excuse?

Fever gives ya lust with an appetite
It hits ya like the fangs from a rattlesnake bite
We`re all here cause we`re not all there tonight!

We can`t run away from trouble
There ain`t no place that far
But if we do it right at the speed of light
There`s the back seat of my car, caviar

I was feelin` so high I forgot what day
Now I`m feelin low down even slow seems way too fast
And now the booze don`t work and the drugs ran out of gas

The buzz that you be gettin` from the crack don`t last
I`d rather be O.D.in` on the crack of her ass
Yeah we`re all here cause we`re not all there tonight

My first time ever lover
We fell asleep out on the lawn
And when I woke up I was all alone
Makin` love to the Crack of Dawn
So yo, I beg yo pardon sir
The gangster of love rides again

Fever may be Hell and a cross to bear
As long as I`m in heaven honey I don`t care
You look so good baby look so fine
I tell you you`re the image of the perfect crime
You gets so tired holdin` on so tight
If you think you`re goin` crazy well you may be right
Yeah, we`re all here `cause we`re not all there, that`s right!