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Текст песни s Toy Store

"In this poor universe of the
stellar-galactic flying tongues,
feeble fluorescent fire-flies, a
seemingly doomed and dis mal
future is approaching nearer
and nearer. Unless the force of
cruelty can be conquered by an
influx of fun, designated by a
monstrous shipment of dolls,
robots and toys, made by
Japanese technicians dedicated
to unbelievable, colorful
novelty and delivered
exclusively to Buckethead's Toy
Store, a true wonderland of
Joy. Even Rude Ralph agrees..."
"Hey, do you have any of those
ultra-gross Buckethead/Zillatron
dual doll packs left?"
(Telephone Rings) "Eh-eh,
Buckethead's Toy Store... Oh,
dude! Of course we have wax
horse teeth, what kind of
operation do you think we're
running here?!"
"Hey! Get outta my way! I gotta
getta Buckethead's Toy Store!"
"Wow, this is really neat toy
store! Wow... "
Guitar: Buckethead
Bass: Bootsy Collins
Drums: Jerome (Bigfoot) Brailey
Voice: Throatrake, Iggy Pop
Written by Buckethead / Eric