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Текст песни Kidnapper

Uh oh, you`ve got a nervous face
Twitching eyes like Norman Bates
You got a cigarette eye on a mirror
Farm boy brown gas station sweeper
You took that girl, you put the saddle on her
Just thirteen she`s her daddy`s apple
And she don`t know you`re the kidnapper uh-huh
Uh hey, your daddy`s Whiskey Sam
He`s got bloodshot eyes like Ray Milland
Playing solitaire your mother fidgets
You wanna be rich but you won`t dig ditches
She bitches like a brat
She got the money
People breaking their necks and she thinks it`s funny
Where`s your old man now?
Nobody`s home uh-huh
Uh hey, they call you Skinny Jim
And nobody knows the foam you`re in
They dipped your tail when you were back in school
Well you`re a real strange case, but your nobody`s fool
So you took that girl and you put the saddle on her
Just thirteen
She`s fresh out of diapers
And she don`t know your the kidnapper uh-huh