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Текст песни Get it together

Uh Uh Uh Uh Uaaah
Uh Eh Eh Ah Whoo Whee Whaa He Whoo Eeh
1-2 1-2 Keep It On
Listen To The Shit Because We Kick It `Til Dawn
Listen To The Abstract Got It Goin` On
Listen To The Ladies Come On And Let Me Spawn
All Your Eggs Then You Go Up The River
Listen To The Abstract That Freaky Nigger
Now I`m AdRock And I Shock And I Tick And I Tock
And I Can`t Stop With The Body Rock
See I`ve Got Heart Like John Starks
Hittin` Mad Sparks
Pass Me The Mic
And I`ll Be Rockin` The Whole Park
Well I`m The M To The C To The A And It`s A Must
The Rhymes That We Bust On The Topic On Lust
And My Moms Is Not Butt But Fuck It
Let Me Get Down To The Rhythm
Yes I`m Gettin` Funky And I`m Shooting All My Jism
Like John Holmes The X-rated Nigga`
Listen To The Shit `Cause I`m The Ill Figure
Nobody`s Getting Any Bigger Than This

"Get It Together" "Get it Together"
"Get.." The Phone Is Ringin` - Oh My God
"Get It Together" "See.."
"See What`s Happening"

AdRock`s Down With The Ione
Listen To The Shit `Cause Both Of Them Is Boney
Gotta` Do It Like This Like Chachi And Joanie
`Cause She`s The Cheese And I`m The Macaroni
So Why All The Fight And Why All The Fuss
`Casue "I Ain`t Got No Dust"
Yea, You Know I`m Getting Silly
I Got` A Grandma Hazel And A Grandma Tilly
Well Got The Grand Royal Prez And I`m Also A Member
Born On The Cusp In The Month Of November
I Do The Patty Duke In Case You Don`t Remember
Well, I Freak A Funky Beat Like The Shit Was whoo In A Blender
Well, I`m Long Gone Word Is Born
Don`t Need A Mother Fuckin` Fool Telling Me Right From Wrong
I Don`t Think I`m Slick Nor Do I Play Like I`m Hard
But I`ma` Drive The Lane Like I Was Evan Bernhard
And I`ve Been Working On My Game Because Life Is Taxing
Gotta` Get It Together And See What`s Happening

"Get It Together"
Wait A Minute, Just Wait A minute
Wait A Minute, Just Wait A Minute
"Get It Together"
What Wait A Minute, What Wait A Minute
Wait A Minute, Wait A Minute
"Get It Together"
Wait A Minute, Wait A Minute
"Se.." "See What`s Happening"

I Go One Two Like My Name Was Biz Mark wheh
But I Had To Do The Shit Just Let Me Embark
On The Lyric And The Noun And The Verb
Let Me Kick The Shit Off `Cause Yo, I`m Not The Herb
Well, It`s Not The Herb But The Spice With The Flavor To Spare
Tho Moog With The Funk For Your Derriere
While We`re On That Topic, Yes I Like To Mention
When It Comes To Bonin` Whoo I`m Representin`
Spacin` Zonin` Talkin` On The Phone And
My Brain Is Roamin` And I Don`t Know Where It`s Goin`
Talking Lots Of Shit A Little Tweaking On The Weekend what
I Gotta` Get Him By The Reigns Because I Know That I`m Freakingyea..
Well I`m A Funky Skull And I`m A Scorpio
And When I Got The Flow I`m Dr On The Go
So Q-Tip, What You On The Mic For
Because I Had To Talk About The Times When I`m Rhymin`
And When MC`s Come In My Face I`m Like Mace
Because I Back Them Off With The Quills
`Cause I Have To Tell You Nigger `Cause I`ll Keep You UnderPrills
Resting On Nine One One Sixteenth Ave Off The Farmes Boulevard..yea
Well I`m From Manhattan And MCA`s From Brooklyn
Yeah MCA yeah Your Shit Be Cookin`
Praying Mantis On The Court And I Can`t Be Beat
But Yo Tip What`s Up With The Boots On Your Feet
Got The Timbos On The Toes And This Is How It Goes
Oh One Two, Oh My God
One Two Oh My God, I Got Some Shit
I Got The Kung Fu Grip Behind My Green Trap Kit
Never Ever Ever Smoking Crack
Never Ever Ever Fucking Wack
I Eat The Fuckin` Pineapple Now & Laters
Listen To Me Now, Don`t Listen To Me Later
Fuck It `Cause I Know I Didn`t Make It Fuckin` Rhyme For Real
But, Yo Technically I`m As Hard As Steel
Gonna Get It Together Watch It Gonna Get It Together Ma Bell
I`m Like Ma Bell, I Got The Ill Communication
Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication
Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication Who`s That
Ma Bell I Got The Ill Communication word `em up wo-word `em up
Ma Bell eueheueeh eaa eaa eaa haa
Keep It on And On..