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Текст песни Maniac (ft. Fabolous)

(feat. Fabolous)

[Hook: Tyga]
Who’s that creepin in my rearview? Niggas better duck round me
Cuz I got drama
Chevy with the scrape doors open
Low ridin on these west side streets
I got drama, fix that little homie, fix that attitude around me
Cuz I got drama
Put my whole team on, now niggas can’t sleep fuck beef
Cuz I got drama

[Verse 1: Tyga]
Maniac, might gotta kill em
Loose screw with a filler, brainiac, pussy you a rat
We done advance, this a fuckin trap ramp
Park garage and the Cadillac fully automack
Tech sound of the rata tat tat, bet the beat bang like a beat from battle K
You Sylvester when it come to rap
I put mosaic on the doormat
Kings like I’m reppin sack town
Cut a nigga no slack, fuck that
Nigga I’m ready
And I’m my brother’s keeper, trust no B here but me sir
Jesus let me breathe in all this reefer
These niggas getting too close, I can see them
See no, hear no evil, I am Caesar
Lookin for a soul, I’m your leader
This is what you wanted, right? (right)
Don’t test me motherfucker, I hold your life


[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Get your life before I get it, get your wife before I hit it
Backstabbers in the house with a knife from the kitchen
Cut throats wanna pop my collar
Tryna get close to stop my holla
Dreamkillers shoot you ideas down
Death to the threats the only thing I hear now
Is the money talking like an auction, spaceship that I\'m parking makes me Martian
Caution, I be spending, might be nauseous
Take your bitch to breakfast, give her sausage
Shorty I got drama, no sleeping over here, no need pajamas
Take everything with you take your garments, got a crazy baby momma dont leave no comments
One time if you creepin\', watch them niggas who be peepin\'