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Текст песни Que Sera

They call to her from across the street

But they dont know her name

Shes in the wrong place at the wrong time

Whos to blame

She wonders how to change

The life shes living

She wonders if shell ever get away

As far as I can see, the writings on the wall

Theres no return, we live, we learn

The game goes on and on and

Que sera

I like you but I dont

Really want to take you home

Que sera

Its a lonely life

Living on my own

Que sera

Whats it gonna be, whats it gonna be

She left her home when she was seventeen

Simply disappeared in the rain

Those were bad times so it was high time

She knows shed do it again

She wonders how

Shes gonna make a living

She wonders if shell make it through the day

As far as I can see, Ive seen it all before

A lonely girl in a big bad world

The game goes on and on and

Que sera...

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