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Текст песни That's Not Me

Said she gave you everything
She broke her back to be what you need
I tried so long to just compete
Can't take no more losin' sight of me
I'm lettin' you know
This can't go on
This one way street i'm walkin' alone
This time i'm breaking free
I'm going to find me


I cant sit and be passive
Won't tolerate no more that's it
I tried so hard to be
What you wanted me to be
If it can't be 50/50
Then you know that it dont fit me
I can't give you all that's in me
Cause baby that's not me

Don`t want you think that i'm selfish
I'm just sick of your one track mess of
You cant meet me halfway
I think it's time that you be one your way
I love you but i can't baby you
It's yo mama you want you know just what to do
I looked in the mirror everyday
I saw myself fading away
You trying to mold me into her
I loved you so i put you first
But i cant live my life this way

Repeat chorus x1

I was so lost in love
Before i couldn't see the light
But now i'm strong enough
To leave you now, so you better treat me right
Don't wanna throw it all away
So baby here's your last chance
Don`t wanna fight with you
But i need more of you
Give me all or it's the end

Repeat chorus x1

I cooked, i cleaned i washed your clothes
You were so mean so ungrateful
At night i cried so many times
Tell me how could you go diss me
When you know one day you'll miss me
If it cant be 50/50 then baby that's not me

Repeat chorus till end